Your $1 is worth about ¢88 to me

Here I go again… explaining once more that it is not appropriate to dicker and dither. At some point people will finally understand exactly how insulting this is and stop. Some negotiating might be appropriate, but an outright bidding war is absolutely not acceptable.

I was chatting yesterday and out of nowhere someone asked me to come dance at their election party. Mind you, there would have been five people splitting the fee. Off the top of my head I said $100 to make it worth my time, gas, and trouble. Leave it to some greedy Charlotte queens to get upset about that. Mary, please! And then they want to know why I don’t dance locally?? If you need a bargain, baby, Chasers has a red light special anytime you need it. That toilet is located at 3217 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205. Their number is 704-339-0500. Hit them up for a coupon, and leave me the hell alone.

What I really love is when someone sitting at a bar will look at me with a sly face and say, “You better work for this dollar.” Bitch, I just did! Gimme the fucking dollar, or don’t! Whatever!!!

Some people have the mistaken notion that their money is worth a whole lot more than it is. Boo boo, let me tell you a secret: Your $1 is worth… ONE DOLLAR. In this economy it’s probably worth more like $0.88, so don’t get all up in my grill expecting the world for nothing. Exactly what is $1 worth to you in terms of your time, effort, and investment? Would you think it reasonable for your boss to treat you with this type of contempt for your work?

Some people need to get a new grip on reality. If you think your $1 looks like $3 (or more) to me, you need to take your cheap, broke ass home. In fact, if you’re that hard-pressed, honey, just let me know and I’ll give YOU a dollar, so that you can call your Mama for a ride back to her house.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. $100 seems pretty reasonable considering what circuit parties charge just to get in so you can wonder around being stared at by people who are high on some chemical substance.

    If you come to Canada you will have to charge more. Our dollar is now only 0.85 of a US dollar. 🙁

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  2. Girl… rip them a new one.

    Oh and it looks like someone wants to start a war with Chasers. Go get’em.

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  3. aww… well, don’t you worry, boo boo… times will be changing in the coming 1-2 years… we’ll just have to hold out and get past several crises…

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  4. a war? no. i’m simply stating the truth about gay adult entertainment in charlotte – the only option for gay stripping is chasers. chasers sucks. most everyone agrees with this.

    when we tried to get pulse started, the people at chasers/scorpio’s (despite the fact that they put no effort into making their clubs nice) sabotaged the new club. the community in charlotte often bemoans a lack of choice, but then when given the opportunity to have a nice, smokeless gay strip club with hard wood floors, leather couches, and a fully legal/safe environment with 20 security cameras, they don’t show up.

    i’m just saying.

    also – if you do go to chasers, you do so at your own peril. they can make every claim in the world they want that they are a properly licensed club, but then you should ask yourself why the dancers are forced to hide behind people when they give lap dances while someone watches the front door for them (they’re scared of getting caught giving private dances. why?). if they had the proper licenses they shouldn’t have to take a measure like that.

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  5. The balked at $100 split five ways?! Sheesh! If those sisters are looking for bargains, let them shop at Dollar Tree!

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  6. It is very sad to see that people are so cheap as to not want to pay a decent wage for someones services. I personally think that $100 is a bargain price and that you should command more for your services. Being an independent operator, you are responsible for your own fringe benefits such as health care and time off for illness and vacation. If you do not work, you do not get paid. These same people who wanted to barter over your more than fair offer, probably are working for firms that offer the aforementioned benefits to their employees.

    I frequented the strip clubs in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD, until they closed their doors. I personally know that the dancers received very little base pay and the majority of their salary was made by patrons tipping. My favorite place was Secrets in DC which now only exists in my memory thanks to the new Nationals, Stadium. I always went there with the fear that I would get mugged before I got to the building or before I got back to my car; however, I always made sure that I had sufficient funds in order to pay the cover charge and then be able to tip the dancers and maybe buy a drink or two for some of them. I always treated the dancers with respect as they were doing a job and the stage was their office. By law, there was no touching allowed and I always observed that policy. It always amazed me that the patrons that barely tipped if at all, were the ones that had their hands all over the dancers. I always thought that they were very disrespectful to the dancers and more importantly, they were downright cheap. They basically took something (a grope or feel) without compensating the dancers adequately. I only drank Diet Coke, so the money I spent on myself was very minimal; however, I always dropped between $100-$200 per night. Considering the cover charge was $10 and Diet Coke was $3, I think that I paid a fair value for my entertainment. Please keep in mind that these clubs offered full nude gay dancers; however, they are all closed now. So take it from me, patronize the clubs of your choice, but ensure the next time you see someone out there dancing, they are just working and should be paid for their work just like you. I miss the clubs, but it was fun while they were open. Who knows, they may return if they can find new locations, but it has been over 2 years….enjoy what you have and tip the dancers well, the holidays are coming and they have bills too!!!

    Devon, you are the greatest!!!!!! I hope one day to make it down your way and see you in person. Thanks for the chance to know you, you are a very special man.

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  7. $100! That’s nothing. Maybe I’ve been in Vegas for too long but sheeit. Great post though. Wow is some creep told me I better work for this dollar… I would be sure if I should laugh in his damn face or throw a drink in it lol.

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