Election temper tantrum

I’m gay. The default political setting for that in this country is Democrat. Yes, there are gay Republicans walking through the world, which I am confouded about to be honest, but variety is the spice of life. Yes, I voted for the Obama/Biden ticket; however, it wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined it would be. I had a bit of a hissy fit at the polling booth…

Let me first say that I have never been registered with any particular party: I don’t want to be limited during the primaries. Today I voted a mixed bag of Democrats at the national level, Libertarians at the state level, and as best as I could for local “stuff.” I do not believe I am well-served by voting down a straight party line. So, I wanted to make it clear first and foremost that I am not simply a pre-programmed liberal voter. I’d have voted for Green candidates if there’d been any in my area running. I love the precepts of the Green platform. It’s really perfectly aligned to my personal philosophies. I wish it had more traction as a party.

Okay, this is where the anxious foot stomping comes in: I accidentally walked out without my notes… I couldn’t leave the polling station to go home and get them. The people there didn’t have any lists of any names or anything at all to help me remember my choices! I voted with true confidence at the national and state levels, but I’m really hoping I did okay for the local races. It was then that I had to flip back to the front and face the presidential bubbles.

When I went into this I had the following in mind: If Obama is that far ahead in my state, I will write in the names of the Candidates for the Green Party. If McCain is stomping Obama in my state, I’ll do the same. However, if there’s any possibility that Obama might actually need me to push the balance in North Carolina, then I’ll vote for him (bearing in mind that Obama was my FIFTH choice as a Democrat and that I didn’t rule McCain out completely until he selected The Abominable Snow Woman). Seems like a pretty good strategy.

Until I realized that I was really looking forward to voting Green but had walked out without my notes. Suddenly I was forced to vote Obama, because I drew a blank on the Green candidates’ names!! Nevermind that North Carolina may swing toward him and that I’d decided in that case I’d vote for him anyway… the point is that I’d taken away my own damn choice!!! I stood there for at least 15 or 20 minutes hemming and hawing… The octagenarians kept coming over to make sure I was okay, and one even patted my shoulders affectionately.

So. There it is. After nearly two years I finally placed my vote. I’ve been so ready for this election to hurry up and be over. Now it is. I’m completely underwhelmed.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. I am glad in Canada we split up our elections so we do not have that many choices! I concur with you regarding the Green Party, I was leaning that way in the recent Canadian election. I am hoping that people will start altering their thinking from the here and now to what is sustainable, but I am not holding my breath. As for Mr. Obama, I am a bit concerned about the hype. The expectations for him far outstrip what he can likely accomplish.

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  2. i feel that i will probably register with a party for the first time. i like their platform THAT much. as for obama and expectations: i think he is already surrounding himself with a diverse group of brilliant men and women who will help him navigate through these mine fields. i also believe that for the first two years he will get quite alot done. the entire federal gov’t is democrat now. the white house, house of reps, and senate are all in the same party (and to be frank: i expect obama to be an inspiring enough persona that he could lead even in the face of republican majorities).

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