Exotic Dancers vs Strippers

I normally don’t take offense to the term stripper, because I know most people don’t understand the difference between a stripper and an exotic dancer; however, now you will… So… no more excuseschippendales_3.jpg

Exotic Dancers concern themselves foremost with performance and fantasy. We believe it is our job to be good hosts, to interact with people flirtatiously and politely, and we tend to take very good care of our personal presentation. We tend to be interested in theatricality, which in a club is expressed most readily by costumes or high quality underwear. We are conversationalists, and you would introduce us to your friends without embarrassment. We are more likely to think through the process of dancing to a song, and tend to truly enjoy what we do. We reveal strategically and tease delectably. We make people feel good. We’re entertainers. We’re the ones doing the fantastic tricks on the poles. Often times we have ambitions in addition to or outside of what we do in clubs.


Strippers tend to prance around poorly on stage. Their clothing is generally not well-suited to them, and they are often unrefined. They have overly fantastic names like “Big Daddy Long Stroke” or “Mister Miraculous.” (Yes, I know these people.) They are very quick to pressure you for a private dance, often without so much as a “how do you do?” They often lack tact. Their clothes tend to leap from their bodies unceremoniously and wind up as a mess on the floor. They are generally rough around the edges. They normally do not care about anything except money, and are very transparent about being in the club out of habit and/or desperation.


Now, with that said, it should be noted that the term stripper is a pejorative name appropriated by exotic dancers in much the same way as other derogatory terms are by other people. When I see a dancer I like, I may very well say, “Hey, strippa!” or, “Stripper, you need to answer your damn phone when I call you with news about a sale on man-thongs.” Note the difference between “I hate that stripper!” and “Strippa, please stop complaining! You know your jock pouch ain’t that tight.” However, I would suggest that you use this word in a familiar way only with dancers with whom you have already established a rapport.

Author: Devon Hunter

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  1. Bitch, don’t be touchin my shit! You heard me strippa!

    Something like that? Hee…

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  2. I agree with what you have said which is truly the difference between the terms that are used on a daily basics…But, only a entertainer would realize the true difference between the two. I enjoyed your performance this past saturday night @ Warehouse 29 and, I hope in returned that you were welcomed by all that was there and, do look forward to seeing you back there again soon.

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  3. Hey Jason, Thank you very much! Yes, I felt very welcome, and I look forward to being there again in April and June.

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  4. So I don’t exactly see the difference don’t both exotic dancers and strippers take off their clothes and if so would that not make them one in the same

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    • I wrote this a very long time ago, but the point I was making was that some people have more decorum/respectability/ethic than others. For example, “strippers” might steal your stuff from the dressing room, “dancers/artists/entertainers” don’t. I think I still agree with this, but over the years I have seen supposed high minded people do all sorts of terrible stuff, so perhaps the differentiation is moot? I was making a differentiation about the quality of person. It’s 2019 now, and all this is from a different lifetime. I had to contend with all sorts of people in clubs, and I probably wrote this after some incident or other after someone I considered trashy had made me mad.

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